General Airfield upgrades


Avionic Services HPT 2000 constant current regulator (CCR) is designed for application in aerodrome Ground Light (AGL) systems where 6.6Amp constant current circuits are used.

HPT 2000 is fully compliant with
  • ICAO annex 14
  • Volume 1 and 2 Part 5 Electrical Systems Emergency towers
  • ICAO Aerodrome Design Manual
  • FAA Document
  • L-828/829:AC150/5345-10E
  • Document CAP 168

Design of the HPT 2000 features micro-controller regulations of the output current. A sample signal is fed back from the CCR’s output and the micro-controller. The micro-controller then adjusts the current flow through a pair of Thyristors which are in series with the input winding of the main power transformer. The CCR operates as a simple phase control unit.

An extensive range of output power (KVA) rating is available and transduction versions can provided in place of Thyristor based models if required.

The HPT 2000 has been designed to ensure easy access for installation and maintenance.


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